Stunning! Teaching Colors With Elmar Dem Elefanten

Stunning! Teaching Colors With Elmar Dem Elefanten

I’ve had a difficult time coaching hues to my pre-ok/kindergarten magnificence in the past. I needed a ebook that had something of a tale to hold the children’s interest and greater importantly, I wished a color song.

For the e book, i am going to try out Elmar magazine alle Farben by David McKee (Thienemann-Esslinger, 2015). (in case you are acquainted with these books in English, you’ll notice that the spelling is exceptional: Elmer with an “e” in English, Elmar with an “a” in German.)

It’s very simple, which I in reality like. but it isn’t just web page after web page of Elmar magazine rot … Elmar mag blau … und, und, und. It isn’t exactly a tale, however each set of pages tells a type of mini story. as an example: “Der Schneemann ist weiß. Sein lila Schal hält ihn warm.” high-quality and easy, however nonetheless interesting.

Elmar mag alle Farben

before i am getting to the book, but, I want to introduce the colors. I made a rainbow out of felt pieces that stack on pinnacle of every different. That way, i'm able to introduce every colour in my view, however I also can stack them up to make my rainbow. Now if most effective I had remembered to get myself a felt board! I’ll have to improvise a little here ?

I nevertheless have no longer observed a easy tune to teach the colours. So I in the end came up with my very own! It’s to the tune of “Ten Little Indians” and just repeats the colours:

rot, orange, gelb, grün, blau, lilarot, orange, gelb, grün, blau, lilarot, orange, gelb, grün, blau, lilain dem Regenbogen

just ensure you sing the word “orange” on notes (one for each syllable). I’ll keep my felt rainbow out to point to the colours as we sing it. smooth peasy!

I constantly cease with a book after which an pastime – commonly a coloring sheet. So I made up a very easy checkered Elmar coloring page to consist of all six hues.

Elmar Farben GitA-page-001

every of the coloured crayons points to a container to colour in, so that Elmar finally ends up looking like a checkered rainbow.

you could down load the coloring page right here: Elmar Farben GitA


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